..:: Koula Redmond ::..
About my work:
My work is about line and form, function and whimsy. I create utilitarian pottery with soft, elegant patterns that stem from math, language, and nature. My utilitarian pieces are intended to be used daily. My pieces that are less than utilitarian work off of narratives or stories are intended to be wide open to the viewer's interpretation, and typically aren't spelled out. I believe that using handmade objects can bring a newness, a specialness, to every day rituals such as drinking your morning coffee; it's this notion that keeps me entrenched in creating functional pottery.

I sell my pottery on my Etsy site, but if you don't see quite what you're looking for in my Etsy store, I am very open to making commissioned work. Please email me at kupiaki at me dot com to discuss details.

About me:
In a small sleepy town in Central Florida, I grew up reading and daydreaming, and in school I fell in love with music and visual art. Music was a frustrating language to learn, and I chose the path of visual art instead. I received a BFA in photography from the University of North Florida in 2004, but my heart just couldn't stay away from clay! Currently, my pottery can be found on my Etsy shop as well as various art and modern craft fairs around the country. Aside from pottery, I like riding bikes quite a bit and am a bike mechanic by trade.